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National Park Sierra de Aracena is the second largest protected area in Andalusia. Less than an
hour from Seville, the area has remained remarkably intact. It also provides a great opportunity to
see the fascinating flora and fauna. There can be seen more than 130 bird species. Because the
climate is relatively favorable, you can watch birds throughout the year. In spring nightingales sing
day and night along the Ribera.

Hear the whistle of the oriole is from March throughout the finca, the cuckoo sounds that spring
has arrived.

In winter you can see heaps of red kites. By the end of December appear the golden eagle, the
raven and the hawk. Except for a variety of songbirds and migratory birds in winter, the park is of
great importance as breeding grounds for the griffon vulture and the black stork. Both species can
be observed with caution.

For raptors and nature is you in the national park ringside. In the low wooded hills brooding
vultures who patrol with their wingspan of nearly three meters above Sierra de Aracena.

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