Ecological pond

Ecological pond

The ecological pond of Valle del Arroyo is a lovely place to go for a refreshing swim, do some
exercise or just a bit of sunbathing. The garden around the pool has been carefully landscaped
with a variety of flowers and the surrounding trees provide cool shade on hot days. From the
underwater bench in the pond there is a beautiful view over the valley.

The water in our ecological swimming pond is cleaned in a fully sustainable, organic way, through
a variety of aquatic plants outside the main pond. The result: natural, untreated bathing in beautiful
surroundings. Our pool is therefore not only environmentally friendly, but also healthy. Because no
chlorine is used, you will not suffer from irritated eyes or dry skin.

Enjoy the peace, space and relaxation on the sun beds that are provided for you.


On a sunny day, our spacious terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy a fine Spanish wine while looking
out over our “finca” of 4 hectare. Each season has something special to offer. In spring, the garden
of Valle del Arroyo comes to life. The summer overwhelms you with colour, fragrance and beauty.
During the autumn, nature undergoes such a transformation that the spectrum of colours is
complete, from deep green to bright red. Even in the winter months, when nature seems to
withdraw, the garden adds a special touch of decoration.


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