Apart from walking, the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park lends itself to many other activities. There
are numerous trails for mountain-bike enthusiasts. The rugged hills with occasional steep slopes
offer a reasonable challenge.

If you want to rent a eBike during your stay please follow this link. (English spoken staff)

It is also possible to go horse riding. We can arrange this in collaboration with the local riding
school. You can ride either under supervision or venture out on your own to explore the Sierra.
The Spanish have numerous “Ferias” (festivals) throughout the year. Especially in the months of
May, June and September, you will have the perfect opportunity to experience them first-hand and
make your stay even more worthwhile.

Finally, in and around Aracena there are many cultural attractions. Consider a visit to the castle up
on the hill or a guided tour through the underground caves (Gruta de las Maravillas).

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