Caves of Wonders

In 1886, the cave of wonders have been discovered. Since 1914 the caves open to visitors after
the “Marqués de Aracena” had installed the first simple lighting system. The story goes that the
caves were discovered by a swineherd, who was looking for a lost pig (in other versions also called
a shepherd looking for a lamb).

The caves are located deep in the hill on which the castle and the parish church were built and
where to find the ruins of the ancient fortress. The beauty of the lakes, the spaciousness of the
cathedral-like rooms, the beautiful colors and the variety of stalactites and stalagmites, make for a
memorable visit.

These caves deserve the name “Las Grutas de las Maravillas”. As the brochure says, “Water is a
poem written by the silence and inertia of the centuries.” The names of the individual rooms,
although they might sound strange (such as: Chamber of Emerald, The Lost Empire, The
Enchanted Tannery, the Chamber of Chickpeas and the Gallery of the Nude), are a good reflection
of the rock formations.

The caves, combined with the softness of the summer temperatures make Aracena the favorite
holiday destination of the Spanish Royal Family.

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