Local Events


“La Virgen de la Coronada” is held on the second Sunday of May, when the inhabitants of the
village, often dressed in traditional clothes, but above all, eating, drinking, dancing and singing as
they go in procession to the chapel 4 km from the village.

The chapel of “la Virgen de la Coronada” is the fifth oldest in the Sierra, dating back to the twelfth
century. After Mass there is a picnic and at the end of the afternoon, the colorful parade back

“El Certámen Nacional de Pintura al Aire Libre” has been held every year since 1999, on the
second Saturday in August. This open-air painting competition, attracting dozens of artists who set
up their easels in the streets and surrounding areas, is definitely worth seeing. The day starts early
in the morning when the artists choose the spot for their painting. Around lunchtime the paintings
are handed in and the jury gets to work. Then all the works are displayed in the town square and
the prize ceremony is held in the late afternoon.

Los Marines

The most famous event in Los Marines is the ‘Romería Virgen de Gracia’, a pilgrimage celebrated
on the last Sunday in May, when the whole village goes to the chapel just outside Los Marines,
passing by our finca.

During the Fiesta del Chopo in the month of June, a large poplar tree is planted in the Plaza de
Carlos III, to be later substituted by a pine tree during the Fiesta de San Juan.

On December 7th, the village celebrates the Fiesta de La Candelas and rosemary branches are
burned in the village square, giving off an overwhelming aroma.

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